Monday, February 20, 2012

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards

Well if you're not a cloth diapering guru and haven't heard about the Huggies Enjoy the Ride rewards code program, you're really missing out!

STOP If you haven't done so yet, then first visit the Huggies website to sign up.

Coupon codes or rewards codes are a 9 digit string of letters on a, sometimes very difficult to remove, sticker, attached to the inside or outside of most 
Huggies diapers and baby wipe products.

It can take awhile to accumulate enough of these codes to actually do anything with, but it's worth checking out and catching up on in your spare time!  I simply toss the little plastic coated "stickers" onto my desk, and once I have enough to bother with, I then go enter them and just throw the lot away.

You can also earn codes by doing other simple tasks listed on the 
Huggies site, such as watching a potty training video or commenting on an article.

Rewards in the catalog can be a straight-earn enough points to "purchase" a certain item, or a gamble-spend points at a chance to win an item.  To be honest, I have never won anything on the gamble items myself, but I've heard great stories of people who tend to win all the time!!  So it may be worth a shot!

Another great way to find rewards codes is by searching for them on the internet.  The codes from inside your Huggies products are called one-time use codes, but there are also codes that are good for anyone who uses them within a specified time frame.

The old code format was very simple.  Just copy and paste your codes to enter them and much quicker, which was 
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  The new format however is, XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX.  So now if you're looking to increase your points for some great freebies, you have a couple of extra steps instead, but the same outcome.

Offer codes: You may also hear about "offer codes".  These are different than Rewards Codes and may be announced on a sponsors website or ad, or may be sent to you in the mail as a promotion.  Use your offer code in combination with every Rewards Code you enter while that promotion is still valid to increase your points automatically!!

Here are some a couple to get you started!!

BKJBP WGSZR PNPGB - For 5 rewards points
BKZTG QNZWR TWPGB - For 5 rewards points

**If you like this offer and want to see more, just leave me a comment below! 

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